Incubator of Reference

Since 2009, Softdrink’s has been the benchmark incubator for non-alcoholic beverage brands in Europe. Our mission is to develop lesser-known beverage brands in the European market and make them exclusive. We take pride in our first success, the introduction of the Freez beverage to the market, starting from scratch by building a network and generating demand. Our business strategy is based on a long-term vision and strong partnerships for commercial development and logistical support.



In 2023, we are thrilled to launch our new Mocktail range, embodying the same passion and innovation that have led to our success. We are confident that this new range will meet our customers’ expectations and contribute to strengthening our position as a leader in the European non-alcoholic beverage market.


At Softdrink, we firmly believe that our commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability is the key to our success. We strive every day to exceed the expectations of our customers and partners by identifying emerging trends, turning them into opportunities, and translating them into sustainable success.